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Spray Foam roofing consists of spraying of an insulating plastic (polyurethane) in liquid form over the roof. That foam immediately grows to a desired density and dries out, making a water tight roofing material. Polyurethane foam roofing is considerably lighter in weight than various other conventional roofing materials. Nonetheless, it's durable enough to deal with regular weathering, including upkeep, foot traffic and temperature changes. It lets you to set up extra storage space or have other types of uses on the roof deck and substrate (sub roof) due to the fact that it is nonporous. Since foam does not call for flashing material to bend around joints, it sets up a tight-fitting, water resistant membrane for build-outs, borders and chimneys or skylights.




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Listed here are a number of advantages to utilizing SPF roofing for commercial and residential flat roof systems:



Flexibility and Versatility

Foam can adjust into sides, fractures and structures quickly. It could be utilized on a number of roofing surface areas, which can then be worked with to set up added storage area or living space. It can save on time and money on setup expenses due to the fact that it is versatile and can be used without taking out your former roof.



Light-weight yet long lasting

You recognize polyurethane's resilience from furniture, gaskets, paint rollers, sports shoes, and protective coverings for everything from wooden floorings to that glossy wax on your automobile. SPF proves the equivalent lasting resilience for serviceability.



Low Maintenance

Regular assessment and maintenance of the polyurethane foam roof is no problem. SPF is simple to clean up with a power washing or a naturally degradable cleaning agent and a damp mop. Patching is very easy, too. Minor issue sections could be patched with a silicone caulk offered at hardware shops. More substantial damages could be temporarily sealed with caulking too, however it is suggested that a brand-new layer of covering or foam have to be applied to seal off the location. It is necessary to leave the repair works to qualified roof specialists to make sure that right and appropriate steps are made to safeguard the financial investment your roof is covering.



Air and water-tight

SPF fastens to the roof material it protects and needs no joints, fasteners, or transitions that are definitely vulnerable to leakages and fractures. Like a water resistant seal over the whole roof deck, its smooth protection is among its most prominent attributes, especially in tropical or hot temperatures.



Structural Strength

Its elastic quality is one essential element of SPF roofing that enables it to contract and broaden as required to keep its smooth cohesion to the foundation and form it covers.



Energy Efficiency

SPF roofs serve as thermal insulation for the building that, with time, gives substantial energy cost savings.



Long Life Expectancy

The polyurethane covering does not wear off from your roof. It should be deliberately taken out and just requires replacement every 10 years or so.



Wind Uplift Resistance

Sealed to the surface area, an SPF roof is not blown away by strong winds comparable to numerous other types of roof shingles, coverings or tiles are.




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Spray Polyurethane Foam roofs are not perfect for all conditions and structures. You'll want to take into consideration:




The incline of the roof have to enable water to flow off or drainpipes need to be set up. Else, your roof builds little puddles that can stand still, develop pollutants or perhaps bring about bugs and other parasites. Not even a splendid roof like SPF can avoid that.



Installer Skills

There will be issues if the labor force offered to you is not experienced in using foam roofing. Any deviation in installation can create unequal sections. These can bring on slight inconveniences like shallow pools or "bird baths" right after a rainstorm. Incorrect setup can lessen the life expectancy of the SPF roof covering.




An "impenetrable" roof covering is a preferred in the tropics, these roofing systems can not often be sprayed on, because of the wind and moisture. The best temperature is dry and warm without wind to steer the spray from the surface area being covered. There are various other application choices, yet comply with your roofing specialist's instruction and employ a qualified installer.




An SPF roof is not actually dangerous to pets and individuals. The fumes released at the time of the spraying procedure can be a likely health threat to residents and employees.




The SPF roof involves evaluation and recoating every 10-15 years, because of the natural weathering. This needs to be taken into consideration any time when the roof has actually been exposed to long years of intense temperature levels, or damage from natural catastrophes.



Surface area Preparation

To set up the very best conditions for the Spray Polyurethane Foam roof, a substantial quantity of surface area clean-up and preparation is called for just before the installation. This is essential prior to the initial setup and almost all succeeding reapplications.




The first expense in SPF roofing might seem to be considerably costly. It depends upon lots of considerations including place, temperature, characteristic of products being utilized, roof dimension, condition of the existing roof or substrata, and labor expenses. An SPF roof might seem to be pricey initially, the long term use and sturdiness, as well as the energy cost savings balance out the expense in time.




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A carefully set up SPF roof is an exceptional solution to secure your home and can last for several years with little upkeep. They can take the place of other types of flat roof systems. Any damage may be quickly fixed without jeopardizing the whole roof. Foam roofing has definitely shown to be reliable, long lasting and economical, when adequately preserved.