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Commercial roofing consists of protecting and sealing the roof of commercial buildings against the weather and other potential hazards. It typically involves working with flat slope surfaces, in comparison to residential roofing, which frequently features sloped roofs, and tends to be more complex in nature.

Roofing products for commercial structures are readily available in a variety of styles such as the built-up (asphalt, gravel, coal tar, modified bitumen), single-ply membrane (EPDM and TPO), metal, and liquid-applied polymers.



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The proper care of your commercial building's roof can eliminate unnecessary expenses due to repairs, while also extending its life-span and securing your financial investments. Regardless, of your needs, whether that is a brand new roof or repairing an existing one, your best option is going with the correct service provider, one that understands the specific requirements of your building and personal needs. Hiring a proven roofing company, will assist you in choosing a package that meets your needs, from start to finish and even help you with the upkeep.

Our expert roofing service providers are up-to-date with the latest and greatest techniques; they will ensure that your building's roof design is up to standards and matches your aesthetic values. We are commonly hired to work on the following:


  1. Apartments
  2. Churches
  3. Commercial Buildings
  4. Condos
  5. Industrial buildings
  6. Medical offices
  7. Workplaces
  8. Public Works departments
  9. Retail Stores
  10. Schools
  11. Theme Parks



Styles of a Commercial Roof:

Our specialists can assist you in choosing the most appropriate products for protecting your establishment, and thanks to their knowledge you'll be able to save in the long-run by reducing your energy costs. We are experts in assembling, modifying, renovating, and fixing the following types of commercial roofing:



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  1. Built-Up Roof (BUR) – Known as "tar and gravel" roofs, built-up roofing includes laminating layers of roof felt with asphalt or bitumen that are coated or covered with UV resistant/reflective building materials made specifically to lower cooling and heating costs. BUR's have exceptional water-proofing characteristics and are remarkably durable.
  2. Spray Foam Roof – A liquid spray foam roofing which develops into dense sheets after application, producing a durable and strong roof surface. A layer of gravel or protective coating is usually applied after it solidifies to increase its outstanding weather protection and provide additional stability.
  3. Metal Roof – A metal roofing design that is energy efficient, resistant to fire, chemicals, and strong winds. Metal roofs are outstandingly durable and require minimal upkeep.
  4. Asphalt Shingle Roofs – Easy and budget-friendly to fix, this roofing style has 3 selections: 3-Tab Shingles (thinner than laminated shingles), Dimensional or Laminated Shingles (last longer, and are stronger and thicker than 3-Tab shingles), and Premium or High Profile Shingles (improved shingles and are also thicker than laminated shingles).
  5. Clay and Cement Tile Roofs – Featuring a long life-span and thought to be one of the best and most inexpensive alternatives in the roofing industry, while also providing optimal safety and reducing your energy expenses.
  6. Single-Ply (PVC, TPO Roofing, EPDM) RoofsPVC roofing (Polyvinyl Chloride) was among the earliest single-ply commercial roofing products; they're cost-effective, durable, and have a much longer life span that other types of roofs. TPO roofing (Thermoplastic Olefin) is an exceptionally good alternative to PVC roofing with comparable benefits, but at cheaper rates; EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), or rubber sheet, is incredibly durable and can effectively withstand harmful UV rays damage.
  7. Modified Bitumen Roofsmodified bitumen roofing is an asphalt-based roofing product that has plastic or rubber-like attributes which provide excellent water-proofing attributes and is perfect for low-slope or flat roofs.


Our roofing professionals are readily available to solve any kind of problems affecting your roof, even in the case of unforeseen circumstance or emergencies. There are a variety of repair options and services that our specialists will offer you in order to ensure that there'll be minimal-to-no disruptions in your establishment.



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Our certified roofers can assist customers and help them optimize their return on investment with the right setup and upkeep for their roof. Our specialists will offer the finest professional services that will guarantee your firm will not be interrupted longer than necessary due to issues related to your roofing needs.

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