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PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) is a variety of plastic built from the reaction of hydrochloric acid and ethylene with oxygen. It is usually used for plumbing pipelines, but nowadays it is being employed as a new type of roofing system, designed for flat roofs or conservatories. PVC roofing membrane is built from 2 plies of PVC product with polyester support in between them, and the seams hot-air welded making it more leak-proof and durable. PVC roofs are exceptionally resistant to fire, chemicals, UV radiation, moisture, and puddles.

Flat PVC roofs exist for visual appeals and comfort. When including in the house, it is simpler to install a flat PVC roof as compared to trying to find material that will complement with the older portion of the roof. In commercial buildings, such roofs use extra area for setting up outside HVAC systems.



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PVC roofS are resilient and strong with a minimum of 300 pounds per inch (PPI) as compared to industry standards of 200 PPI. Given that these systems are hot welded into place, they are leak-proof, and the bonded portion is certainly stronger than the PVC itself. They are likewise energy efficient, specifically the white ones because they reflect instead of taking in the sun's rays. This roof is likewise easy to repair and keep.



Setup of PVC roofing

PVC roofing is among the very best, if not the best, single ply roofing system currently available in the market. PVC roofing can either be mechanically secured or fully fastened and is resistant to flame, chemicals, and grease. When mechanically attached, concealed metal plates are used to protect concealed sections of the membrane to the roof deck. However, when they fully attach, they are glued onto the roof deck. This is more costly than mechanical attachment. Both of these installation approaches feature lifetime warranties, but many residential and small commercial installations prefer mechanically fastening the PVC to the roof deck.

With PVC roofing, structural integrity is assured from the get-go since PVC roofing is enhanced right out of the box. This reinforcement is done utilizing polyester scrim, material mesh, or mat placed into the product.

In spite of being very durable, PVC roofing is costly to set up. Aside from the PVC membrane, one needs to factor in expense for insulation panels which assist with energy expenses. Many contractors prefer mechanically securing the membrane rather than hot welding it because this prevents uplift. All these add to final labor expenses. PVC can last for up to 30 years.

PVC roofing can be prefabricated and personalized for your roof. In this manner, your roof is measured to cover your walls, curbs, penetrations, to name a few such that the roof is custom made and developed to fit those dimensions. The advantage that comes with prefabrication is that it reduces up to 85% of all the field seams. Seams are the weakest section in any roof; for that reason, prefabrication substantially boosts the roof considering that the manufacturer makes them in a quality-controlled environment.

Furthermore, PVC roof can be ballasted such that the roof membrane is held together by aggregate. Ballasting the roof membrane is cheap, but it is a dying breed because it puts in unneeded weight to a property's structure. Furthermore, if a leak does occur, it can not be mended because moving around the heavy aggregate in order to get to the cause of the leakage is such a trouble. It is much better to avoid PVC ballasted roofs because they might be easy to install but there is very little one can possibly do with them in regards to upkeep as soon as setup is done.



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There are 2 major styles of PVC roofing with regards to their use:



1. PVC Flat Roofing

PVC roofing membrane for flat roofs is available in rolled kind that is stretched out and adhered to the roofing surface with nails or adhesives. An additional plastic protection to the membrane makes it resistant to rips and openings that are often the problems with flat roofs. Like in asphalt roofing, the PVC seams are heat bonded to make them watertight. PVC roofs are lightweight yet strong and available in differing amounts of density.



2. PVC Conservatory Roofing

Originally, conservatory roofs were for the most part made of glass, despite the fact modern laws have changed and permitted these conservatories to make use of other roofing products that are lightweight and will not impact the total structure of the building. PVC roof panels are ideal for conservatories since they are resilient and light-weight. Proper installation is of utmost concern to this type of PVC roofing, and looking for a experienced and certified roofer for the task is the key to its success.



Pros of PVC Roofing


  1. Durability
  2. Ease and versatility of setup
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Flame resistance
  6. Heat reflective characteristics
  7. Heat bonded joints for outstanding waterproof qualities
  8. Long life
  9. Inexpensive life-cycle expenses
  10. Low upkeep
  11. Recyclable and reusable
  12. Resistance to wind, moisture, fire, and chemicals
  13. Resistance to bacterial development, animal fats, and plant root penetrations



Cons of PVC Roofing


  1. PVC roofing needs additional equipment to bond the seams together through the whole roof.
  2. There are additional expenditures for flashings specifically developed for PVC systems exclusively.
  3. The know-how of expert PVC roofer is required for the successful setup of the roof. These roofer are also trained and have the technical skills for the correct repair and maintenance exclusively for PVC roofs.
  4. PVC roof panels consist of plasticizers and other chemicals that will eventually break down with time, triggering tears to the membrane. Typical repair work includes examination and repairing typical issues such as open seams, missing or improperly bonded seams, ponding, gaps in the membrane, incorrect repair works in the past, or improper flashing employed. Correct maintenance and care will surely add to the longevity of your PVC roof.



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PVC roofing systems have been offering reputable roof protection for years. It is popular for both residential and commercial flat roofing systems because of its sustainability, reliability, resilience, high reflectivity, heat welded seams for remarkable water resistant features, and high resistance to fire, water, chemicals, oil, and severe climate condition.